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CPD requirements might vary across specific professions and are laid out by the appropriate Royal Colleges which you need to speak with. Different expert bodies and associations may utilize different terms, such as 'CPD points', 'CPD units', or 'CPD credits', but they all merely refer to CPD hours, which is the real time spent on a CPD activity.

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Where the terms CPD points, units, or credits are used, a ratio might be provided; this is normally 1:1, i. e. 1 CPD point equates to 1 CPD hour. Do not be tempted to overdo your CPD hours to impress the appraiser as they may consider that time much better spent on your clients, household, or relaxation.

Do not anticipate your appraiser to evaluate big amounts of supporting information over and above what is needed. Attempt to create reasonable practices that make your documents simple, using the understanding and abilities of your appraiser to assist you.

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The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK has launched the new Physicians' CPD app.

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